Lazy day so far, I'm free today but all of my friends are working. Going out for a glass of wine or two in the evening though.


I think there is a possibility that I have the worst nails ever. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but they break so easily and are super thin so I always have them super short and still they're splitted. A couple of weeks ago I bought some cheap fake ones for 6-7 pounds at Boots and painted them with a very light pink nail polish and voila! It looked pretty nice if you ask me and I really enjoyed having long nails for the first time in my life. They wont stick forever unfortunately but I'm thinking about getting acrylic nails soon.


Oh my how amazing was this week? I had vacation so I spent it in Karlstad, my home town, together with friends, family and my dog. It was over 30 degrees and cloud free skies every single day so I spent a lot of time in my familys summer house working on my tan, eating strawberries and swimming in the lake (and the water was 28 degrees hot, how incredible is that??? freakin st. tropez!). I also did a road trip, wine drinking and lots of dancing with my lovely friends and had one of the best night outs in quite a while. It was so good to be back, even if it was just for a week. Worth every single mosquito bite.


Hi there.

My name is Åsa, I'm a twenty year old swede (not the vegetable) who got tired of my my small home town and moved to London to experience the big city life. I first arrived in September last year together with a childhood friend and served canapes and champagne at fancy five star hotels in central London for a while before I decided to try something new - au pairing!

Some of my favourite things in life are white wine, exploring, dancing, shopping, eating sushi, nice beards and interesting people and I also am addicted to coffee and diet coke. And not very photogenic. I'm currently trying to get back in to shape, enjoy life and have as much fun as possible here in the worlds best city!